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The Rockefeller Habits explained: 1-5

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Businesses without clearly established goals and workplace guidelines will have difficulty building value. Executives can create unified goals throughout their organization by using a set of principles called the Rockefeller Habits.

The habits were made by Verne Harnish and are a reference to John D. Rockefeller, one of the most successful business owners of the 19th century. There are ten principles in the Rockefeller Habits, which have been paraphrased in the list below.

1. The organization’s leaders are healthy and aligned

Those in charge of an organization must be capable of professionally communicating their ideas to their fellow executives and be comfortable with collaboration. A company’s executives should also share the same vision.

2. All members of the organization understand its current priorities

Your employees and managers should know what needs to be done to improve the company each quarter. If the priorities are met, executives can celebrate their team’s accomplishments to improve workplace morale and maintain the organization’s momentum.

3. Communication routines are clearly established and followed through by the organization

Schedule meetings that ensure information is passed between all members of your organization, like daily employee huddles and quarterly conferences between executives.

4. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined in the organization

Businesses must establish accountability for all of their positions to help them achieve their performance metrics. Define your expectations for employees and follow up to see if they meet company standards.

5. The organization actively seeks feedback from its employees

Create a workplace where your team feels comfortable providing constructive feedback for your business. Executives can share worker input during meetings, helping employees feel valued in your organization.

Business owners who follow the Rockefeller Habits can grow the value of their brands. If you’re looking for a business advisor in Boston who can help your organization improve its value and achieve world-class status, then you should contact Jim Crisafulli today.

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