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The Rockefeller Habits explained: 6-10

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It’s important for executives to establish company-wide guidelines to ensure all managers and employees have aligned values and workplace expectations. The Rockefeller Habits offer business owners a list of ten crucial procedures that significantly impact their team’s performance. Our previous post detailed the habits one to 10, and the final five habits are as follows.

6. Customer feedback is taken seriously by the organization

Use consumer opinions to gauge your brand’s reputation and product quality. Employees can also collect data from customers to share during executive meetings.

7. Core values and purpose are significant parts of the organization’s workplace culture

Your team must be unified under the same values and be familiar with the purpose of your organization. Companies should have HR processes that actively work toward embodying the traits of their core values.

8. Employees understand the organization’s strategies

Your workers need to know your company’s brand promise, target consumers, and elevator pitch. Your organization’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) should also be tracked and visible.

9. Team members can recognize good workplace performances

Team members should understand how to evaluate their performance based on your company’s key performance indicators. You can have coaches available to hold your employees accountable for their behavior and performance.

10. The organization is transparent about its performance

Ensure that all members of your organization can see its daily metrics by using scoreboards in the workplace. Brand goals and core values should also be prominently featured in your company.

The Rockefeller Habits are helpful guidelines that companies can follow that lead to their increased value. You can also grow your brand’s value and status by hiring a professional business mentor in Boston. Contact Jim Crisafulli today to receive a consultation for his mentoring services.

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