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How businesses should hold workplace competitions

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Workplace competitions are in-house activities that employers may use to measure the performance of their team members and incentivize high-quality work. However, competitive environments can lead to stress, employee conflicts, and a negative work culture when they are poorly executed. Here are three ways your business can have beneficial competition in the workplace.

Encourage the right behavior for your team

It’s important to be clear about how your employees should behave during your organization’s competition. Set up rules and boundaries in advance that discourage your team members from acting unprofessional over their placements. Ask workers to practice good sportsmanship and respect each other throughout the contest.

Be mindful of the stakes in your competition

Friendly competitions shouldn’t cause unwanted stress in your professionals. Don’t create contests where employees are competing for high-stakes incentives, such as promotions to leadership roles or pay raises. Competition prizes should be desirable without feeling overly important to participants, like plaques or gift cards.

Be fair to your employees during the contest

An unfair contest will negatively impact workplace morale, so it’s crucial to make competitive environments feel fair to all employees. Set attainable goals for workers to reach during the competition. It’s equally important not to give certain team members advantages over other competitors.

Workplace competitions can be great for improving your organization’s culture, bonds between team members, and productivity. You can learn other strategies for strengthening your company with Crisafulli Business Coaching. Contact me today to receive a quote for my executive coaching in Boston.

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