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The importance of tone in your ads

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The brand identity you develop for your organization is important for appealing to your desired audience. A major aspect of a brand’s perceived identity is the tone it uses in its marketing materials. There are several reasons executives should carefully consider the tone they use throughout their marketing materials.

Tone heavily impacts trust and approachability

The written communication companies have with their audience can change how people feel about their brands. Part of establishing a trustworthy brand is to use tones that your consumers are comfortable with and expect from your industry. For example, those who offer accounting services are expected to sound more professional than brands selling children’s toys.

Your tone helps define your brand’s personality

A company’s tone can give people accurate impressions of its characteristics. Family-friendly brands may use informal, comedic tones to connect with their audience. Meanwhile, luxury brands might stick with formal styles to be seen as more mature to consumers. People who like your brand’s personality will have an easier time connecting with your organization.

Tones keep audiences invested in your ads

Writing with a neutral, professional tone throughout your marketing materials may impact their effectiveness. Brands can use different tones in their ads to hold the attention of viewers, like using personality-filled introductions to stand out to customers immediately.

It’s important to think about the tone of your ads to ensure they match your intended brand personality. You can learn other strategies for improving your business from Crisafulli Business Coaching, a Boston executive coach with experience helping several companies raise their value. Contact me today to get a complimentary consultation.

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