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How to create catchy company slogans

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Many businesses use taglines to create a stronger identity and give consumers something to remember and associate with their brands. Companies without memorable slogans may struggle to stand out from other organizations. There are three tips to remember when making a slogan for your business.

Don’t overcomplicate the tagline

A slogan must be easy for consumers to remember to be truly effective. Make sure to create taglines that aren’t overly long or confusing to say. Shorter slogans can be read quickly by audience members who pass your promotional materials. Memorable phrases are typically ten words or shorter.

Make your slogan original

It’s important to make sure the catchphrase you create for your organization isn’t associated with another brand. Companies that utilize preexisting slogans may face legal issues for copying other brands. Find a fresh way to showcase your brand’s personality through the tagline, like using alliteration, rhymes, or industry-related terminology.

Have your tagline stay consistent with your brand

Think about your brand identity when crafting your slogan to ensure it won’t contradict how you’ve portrayed yourself to consumers. For example, companies that want to be seen as fun and family-friendly may choose a comedic slogan instead of something serious and professional.

The tagline you make for your organization will improve its memorability to consumers. If you want to learn other ways to connect with customers and strengthen your brand’s value, then you should work with Crisafulli Business Coaching. I offer professional coaching in Boston that can help steer your organization toward success.

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