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As a reliable intermediary with experience in facilitating numerous business transactions, I can help you in your quest to acquire another business, or to help you find the best valuation when you wish to sell your own.

Do you need help with buying or selling a business?

If you’re looking to buy another business, I can help you through the often difficult legal, financial, and negotiatory steps involved. Once you’ve identified the business you wish to purchase, you’ll need to have it valued before negotiating an agreed price with the business itself. Here, I can help you get the best deal possible. Then, as we move through your Letter of Intent (LOI) and due diligence, I’ll help you to make sure you have the necessary financing in place to finalise the transaction, before we close the deal.

When it comes to selling your business, I’d also love to help you achieve the valuation and sale that you’ve worked so hard for. From valuation and preparing all the necessary documents, to finding a buyer and handling profits, selling a business isn’t always too relaxing, so you deserve an experienced intermediary like myself to guide you through the process.

Looking for some intermediary support in buying or selling a business? Let’s work together. Fill in the contact form here to get started.
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