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As a business consultant for over 27 years, and a small business owner for over 44 years, when it comes to the common problems experienced by companies like yours, I’ve been there and done that.

Been there, done that...

As such, if you’d like my input on helping you solve some of the difficult business dilemmas you’re going through, you can count on my experience and knowledge in the form of my Business Advisory services.

Compared to my services as a Business Coach, as a Business Advisor I’ll help you in more of a consultancy-based capacity. Need advice on key events within your business such as acquisitions, separations, or exit strategies? Trying to create and execute a new transformation programme? Or just aiming to take control of a tough dilemma? I’d love to help you by giving you some ideas for you to consider implementing.

No matter how much or little advice you need, I’ll get to know your business as much as necessary, and provide you with experienced guidance that I’ve picked up from my seasoned career as a business owner and consultant.

Would you like to hire me as a Business Advisor? Get in touch with me today by completing the contact form here.

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