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You Are Fired: 3 Words Every Small Business Owner Needs to Hear

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Here are three little words that every small business owner needs to hear: “You are fired.” Yes, you heard me right – FIRED.

You might be wondering, why? How would my business run? Of course, I’m not talking about firing yourself from the whole shebang (you are the owner, of course), but terminating your need to do everything on your own. “Firing” yourself is not about packing up your office, but instead about reimagining the relationships you have with your employees, your customers, and most importantly, yourself. It’s about creating a business culture that other leaders gravitate towards – managers and employees alike – because they see that you are strong and smart enough to know you can’t make the business work all on your own.

At its core, firing yourself is admitting that you’re not a one-man or one-woman show and that you have the ability to let go, while still maintaining and striving for success. The process of becoming the best manager you can be starts with answering some difficult leadership questions such as:

(1) Why is it hard to let go and trust others so I can focus on leading my company to the next level?
(2) What are the benefits and downfalls of letting go and trusting others to handle the day-to-day activities of my business?
(3) Do I tend to hold back and not share my vision? Why?
(4) What aspects of leading and managing do I find most difficult and how do I overcome those challenges every day?
(5) Have I surrounded myself with passionate people that share my vision and care about the success of my business?

Coming up with those answers is where the real work begins. These are critical questions that few business owners give themselves the time to answer. So give yourself the space and support needed to answer these important questions the right way by attending my workshop, “You’re Fired: Challenge Yourself to Become a Real Business Leader”. This workshop provides a unique environment where you can give yourself the freedom to be real, while talking out this difficult process with others. The answers may not make you a better leader, but I do promise that the process will.

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