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What makes a good questionnaire?

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Surveys are a vital tool that business owners can use to learn more about their customers. A poorly made questionnaire may result in misleading data, so it’s essential to know how to create surveys to ensure your market research is accurate and well-received by your target audience. Here are three ways to make a high-quality survey.

Ask questions that reflect the purpose of your survey

There are two types of questions an organization can ask in their questionnaires. Closed-ended questions give participants a set of options to pick from for their answers, while open-ended questions allow people to respond freely. If you want quantitative data, then closed-ended questions should be used in the survey. Open-ended prompts are better for learning about customer opinions.

Make the survey convenient for people to complete

Customers are less likely to complete a questionnaire that inconveniences them. For example, people may quit mid-survey if there are too many questions or if the prompts are not easy to understand. Shoppers might want to access the survey from their phones rather than complete it on paper or a computer.

Give consumers a reason to care about the questionnaire

You may struggle to receive responses from consumers if they have no incentive to complete your survey. Make their participation worthwhile by offering discount codes or free menu items. Those who submit responses to your questionnaire could be entered into a drawing to win a product from your business.

The information gained from surveys will help your business create products that appeal to your target demographic. If you want to keep growing the value of your company, then contact our team at Crisafulli Business Coaching to learn how our business coaching in Boston will benefit your brand.

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