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No matter how small or large a business may be, a strategic plan can be an essential tool. Those in the market for a strategic planner in Connecticut can count on Jim Crisafulli to provide a wide assortment of services that can help individuals and companies achieve success.

While some may view strategic planning as simply a way to secure funding, these important schemes can do so much more. They are a blueprint for the way ahead, and preparing one ensures that management, staff, and other key players are all on the same page.

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What does strategic planning involve?

In his role as a strategic business planner, Jim works with businesses at various points in their development. A plan can help to get a new company off to a great start, and they may also prove useful when launching a new product or service. They may also provide a map towards the future during time of expansion, when an establishment is in decline and needs a boost, or even a total overhaul.

When preparing a plan, professionals in strategic planning will take various factors into consideration, and one of their goals will be to address and minimize potential risks. These will include measurable targets and timelines, and staffing will also be on the table. The financial side of the equation will be a top priority, and these projections can make it easier to predict any problem that may occur so they can be prevented. These plans are so important that they are often an essential part of securing financing from a lending institution.

Once a planner like Jim has prepared the strategic business plan, he will discuss ways it can be implemented, and he will also provide tools for measuring its success. Plans can be revisited and, if needed, can be adjusted or adapted as a company grows. His decades as a business coach and owner himself help him stand apart from the crowd, and he is pleased to put his many years of real-world experience to use for the benefit of his clients.

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Connecticut companies looking for a secret weapon when it comes to future success can count on Crisafulli Business Coaching to lend a helping hand. Contact Jim today to put his expertise when it comes to strategic business planning to work for you.

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