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Today’s business world is in a state of constant change, and business owners who want to do more than just keep up may find themselves in the market for a business coach in Springfield, and a professional business coach will be ready to help you.

Why choose a business coach in Springfield?

Professional business coaches have the expertise in business coaching and consulting to work in helping business owners manage and expand their companies. With real-world experience as company owners, they speak from first-hand knowledge, not just theory.

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How can a coach help my company?

While many of those who own a business focus on growing their business instead of increasing its value, a business coach can offer a different perspective. They provided assistance in making an enterprise more valuable over the long term, giving both the owner and employees security for the future.

What sorts of services do business coaches offer?

Business advising

As a business coach in Springfield, one of the ways Jim can come to the aid of a company owner is to serve as an advisor. With his decade of experience in the field, he can provide assistance based on real world experience. He can distill this down into simple, actionable advice on areas ranging from acquisitions to exit strategies, and can also help his clients to find outside the box solutions to problems as they arise.

Strategic Planning

Savvy business owners know the value of a strategic plan, but in today’s constantly changing world, developing one may sound like a tough proposition. This is one of the areas where a business coach really shines. They work with clients to help them devise a strategic plan that works for them. They also often take this a step further by aiding in their implementation and execution.

When they discuss the development of their strategic plan, an excellent business coach will help them set realistic targets and also methods for measuring their success. He can also meet with them in the future to make sure the plan is still on track or if it could benefit from a few “tweaks”.

Business brokering

Whether due to retirement, a change in financial goals or they just feel it’s time to move on, business owners can count on a coach like Jim to supply them with brokerage assistance. He can help them to value their company and make sure that, whether they choose to sell or pass their company along to a family member, the staff and assets will be protected, which can offer peace of mind. He can teach them how to value their enterprise fairly so that they get their full value should they decide to sell.

Selling is only part of the equation. Jim can also offer advice when it comes to buying a business. He walks his clients through the process, and this may be especially helpful for owners who want to grow their small business through acquisitions. He is a member in good standing of the International Business Brokers Association, and is always happy to meet with company owners to discuss their needs and concerns.

The value of valuations

One of the services Jim can offer is business valuation. He can help with determining how much a company is worth, and this may be very important in securing capital funding or transitioning an enterprise to a new owner.

While many owners may be able to run their company on a day to day basis, those that would like to move forward can call on Jim. One of his areas of expertise is helping businesses to build their value by using a system of eight key drivers. These strategies can apply to almost any size of company, and can be implemented in a variety of ways. He feels this is so important that he has even prepared free downloadable tools to help anyone interested get started.

Curated coaching

As each business is unique, Jim offers a personalized, curated coaching program. He starts at the ground floor with an onboarding process where he assesses the overall values, priorities and goals, and a SWOT analysis is part of this. He will also do a deep dive into its financial and human resource management side.

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Whether they are just getting their company off the ground or are getting ready to retire, Jim Crisafulli can provide valuable assistance throughout the business development cycle. Get in touch with him to get your feet on the road to business success.

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