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Working with a business coach can help organizations improve their overall operations and increase their profit and productivity. How can a business coach in Massachusetts benefit your business, and why should someone use a business coach in the first place?

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What does a Massachusetts business coach do?

In the most basic terms, the name says it all—a business coach is a professional who coaches people running businesses. A business coach works one-on-one with an individual, helping them identify their strengths, and suggesting ways to mitigate weaknesses, so that they can communicate more effectively. A strong leader with a clear vision makes a dramatic difference to the overall performance of a company.

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Why use a business consultant?

A coach differs from a consultant, as the coach focuses more on the president, founder, or other management person, while the consultant takes an in-depth look at the problems and issues facing the company, and how to mitigate them. An individual who is seeking guidance for themselves that will make them a more efficient leader is looking for a coach, not a consultant.

What are specific actions a business coach uses to help their client improve?

The coach holds their client accountable

One of the most important actions a business coach can take is to hold their client accountable for their actions and choices. One of the reasons Weight Watchers has been a successful weight-loss program for decades is that members are held accountable for their behavior: everyone is required to weigh in once a week. The dreaded scale tells the truth about the person’s eating habits over the previous seven days, and gives them feedback to help them adjust their patterns to attain success.

A business coach provides the same kind of feedback so the businessperson can make any necessary adjustments in their thinking or operating procedures to bring the organization back on track.

The coach also helps steer the organization away from illogical or impossible goals, identifies realistic aims, and then creates a plan to help achieve them. To do so, the coach may evaluate the manufacturing schedule, help the CEO prioritize his or her tasks, or teach them how to manage time more effectively. Once a plan is in place, the coach will create a way to gauge its effectiveness, by setting KPIs—key performance indicators. A goal is no use if the results of its implementation cannot be measured.

A business coach helps a company officer get organized

A common problem with business owners is a tendency to micromanage everything, get involved in every task, and try to do it all themselves. This is the result of a legitimate desire to succeed, along with a reluctance to let go of the minutiae of the operation as they find it difficult to trust that others know and love it as much as they do. A business coach can help the owner learn to delegate less-important tasks, and restructure if necessary so the company runs smoothly.

A business coach helps an organization craft a business plan

No one enjoys writing a business plan, but it is a vital step, particularly when asking for funding. A small business may get started without a formal plan, but at some point, every organization should put a plan in place. A business coach can help devise the plan that will work best for the organization, and help the executive implement the plan and maintain it going forward. An effective business plan will define specific objectives, and strategic steps to reach them.

A business coach helps an organization define a marketing strategy

Sometimes companies confuse advertising and marketing. Marketing is a much broader category that includes advertising, as well as market research that informs the company’s decisions about product development. A business coach can help the organization develop a workable marketing strategy.

A business coach is unbiased

Although the coach is working to help the business succeed, he or she is unbiased and can offer honest, even blunt, feedback. Employees, friends, and family members may hesitate to speak their minds to avoid clashing with someone with whom they have a close personal relationship. Since the coach is an “outsider,” they can offer constructive criticism directly, and have a fresh perspective on the company.

A business coach helps facilitate growth

Every organization faces challenging circumstances that can result in a downturn, or a plateau. Recognizing this, a Massachusetts business coach can help create a strategic plan to help revitalize the business. They may suggest revamping the database or developing new leads to reignite the spark that got the business moving in the first place.

Meet Jim Crisafulli

When you are looking for a business coach, speak with Jim Crisafulli at Crisafulli Business Coaching today. Jim has been a business coach for more than 27 years, and a small business owner for over 40 years. He will help you grow the value of your business, not merely grow the business itself.

Jim focuses on businesses with between five and fifty employees, and turnover between $1 million and $15 million. Reach out to him today to learn more.

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