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Today’s business landscape is in a state of flux, and it may not always be easy for a company owner or professional to keep up. This is where the services of a business coach and consultant come into play. They can provide a broad range of support, and will have a variety of ways to take a company to the next level.


Why use a business consultant?

Business consultants can work with each of their clients, one on one, to evaluate their needs, goals and where they see the future of their company. They often have many years of real-world experience themselves, and they will be able to translate those skills and knowledge to offer individualized services tailored to their specific needs. What this will look like depends on the business involved.

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What will a business coach do for you?

The tasks a business consultant performs differs from a business coach in several ways. They can offer helpful advice on specific topics such as acquisitions, succession planning or other types of transition, and they can help their clients approach problems in innovative ways they may not have considered.

The benefits of a business coach

An experienced business coach in Connecticut is a valuable resource company owners in the state can call on, and they can aid in preparing a business strategy as well as provide other services. This often starts with a “SWOT” (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, which they can use to prepare individualized business strategies. Factors including cash flow, forecasting and budgeting will also be taken into consideration.

Personal management

One of the area’s when a business consultant can really shine is human resource management. They know the value of a well-trained, competent and qualified staff, and they will explore ways to both develop and retain the resource, whether an enterprise is large or small.

Selling and succession planning

Nothing lasts forever, and company owners who feel it is time for them to move on can call on a business consultant to supply them with brokerage services. These may be helpful whether an enterprise is being sold, passed along to family members or it is going to go public. They can ensure that staff will be well looked after, which can provide peace of mind, and they will also be able to aid in determining a company’s worth.


Business buyers

Acquiring new businesses is one way for a company to grow, but it may be hard to know where to begin. This is where a consultant comes in. They can offer advice about whether not a particular acquisition is a good fit for a particular individual and their overall goals, and this can really pay off over the long term, helping to avoid costly mistakes.


Why use a strategic plan?

Savvy business owners know the value of a strategic plan, but they may not know how to go about developing one. An experienced consultant can combine their knowledge and real world experience to aid in preparing one, and it will be individualized for each client. You want your business to be successful whether you are actively working within it or not – that’s what a business coach can help you achieve.


What is the EMyth Business Coaching Program?

The EMyth program has been used by the coaching industry for more than 40 years, and it has consistently shown its value. It has a proven track record and provides actionable tips and advice. EMyth also focuses on fostering both business and personal growth. Business coaches that are EMyth certified business coaches follow a step-by-step process, and this starts at the ground floor with leadership and works up to customer fulfillment.

How can a business coach help my company grow?

Growing a company is about more than just getting bigger. It’s about building its overall value. A consultant will have the specialized knowledge needed for this, and there are eight key value drivers that will be explored. These start with reviewing a business’s financial performance and then moves to areas such as customer satisfaction and recurring revenue. They will be able to prepare a plan for the road ahead, and this can give an owner confidence that they will be ready to face problems as they arise.

Meet Jim Crisafulli

Jim Crisafulli is a business coach in Connecticut who has decades of experience as a coach, broker and business advisor to call on, and he combines this with his 40 years as a small business owner. He has a proven track record of providing value to each of his clients, and sees each as an individual offering them personalized services and support. He has created free, online tools to help Connecticut companies, and those from other areas as well, achieve success. Why not get in touch with him today to find out more about what he can do for you?

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