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Canada can be a great place to do business, and those looking for an insider’s edge are invited to discover how business coach Jim Crisafulli can help them achieve success.

Why use a business coach?

Jim has more than 44 years of personal experience which puts to work for his clients. He sees each as a unique enterprise and can tailor a coaching program to suit their individual needs, budget and future goals.

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What can Jim do for me?

Jim can meet with each of his clients one on one, asking questions and gathering information which he will use to create a customized plan and program. He is certified in the EMyth coaching system, and can add this knowledge to his decades of personal experience.

Getting started

Jim will review each company’s values, priorities, principles and objectives, and tools such as SWOT analysis will be utilized. He will include an establishment’s strategic documents and finances, and cash flow and forecasting will also be explored.

What about the human side?

As an experienced business owner, Jim knows the importance of hiring, training, and retaining qualified and engaged staff. He will provide helpful advice and other tools that address this side of the success equation, helping a company to provide its employees with stability and a workplace they can be proud of.

Will sales and marketing be included?

Jim will be happy to share his expertise when it comes to the marketing side of the equation. He knows what works and, just as importantly, what doesn’t, and he will be happy to share this with his clients.

Will there be follow up?

Jim recognizes the importance of follow ups and continued monitoring to make sure a business plan is working. He can help companies prepare for both the immediate future as well as the long term, and this may be very helpful in building a business’s value.

What makes Jim different?

While there may be lots of business coach options, it’s hard to find one who can offer Jim’s combination of decades of experience with EMyth Certification and his ability to construct an individualized, curated coaching program. He will also provide ongoing support as needed, and meets with clients using a method that’s convenient for them.

Put Jim to work today

Business coach Jim Crisafulli stands ready to help Canadian small businesses owners stand tall in a competitive market. Contact him to put his knowledge and skills to work today.

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