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In today’s competitive world, everyone is looking for an insider’s edge. With 40 plus years of experience as a company owner and 27 as a business coach, Jim Crisafulli has the knowledge and experience needed to achieve success, and he enjoys putting his skills and talents to work for his Boston corporate coaching clients.

As a large city, Boston is home to companies of all sizes, and its small business sector is especially strong. Supporting these enterprises is an area where Jim really shines, and rather than taking a cookie-cutter-style approach, he sees each of his clients as an individual.

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What do corporate coaches offer?

Coaches such as Jim start supporting their clients right from the onboarding process. He will review and assess a company’s principles, priorities, and values as well as its strategic documents and plans, and he will then move on to developing an overall strategy for going forward into the future. SWOT analysis is part of the equation, and he will also offer a deep dive into an establishment’s finances. This will involve areas such as budgeting, cash flow and forecasting.

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What about the human resources side?

Jim will take time to include human resources in the overall strategy he develops. Issues such as setting up training opportunities, retention and recruitment or qualified staff will all be on the table. He will also spend time discussing marketing and sales, which may prove important in strengthening business processes and systems.

What do clients walk away with?

Jim’s goal is to help each of his clients find their own path to success, for both themselves and their company. There will be no “one size fits all” approach, and they will all receive a road map they can use to navigate the way ahead over both the short and long term. He has put his many years of experience to work by preparing his own customized coaching program and other tools, and these have stood the test of time, as can be seen in the testimonials provided by his satisfied customers.

Contact Jim now to put his talents to work for you

Jim Crisafulli takes a lot of pride in helping each of his clients find their own individual path to success. Contact him today, and he will be pleased to offer you his Boston corporate coaching services.

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