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Why your company needs employee handbooks

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An employee handbook is a compilation of important information about your organization’s policies that is given to new hires. Companies are not legally required to provide their workers with manuals, though there are several benefits to creating these guides for your team. Here are three reasons your business should utilize employee handbooks.

The books familiarize employees with your rules

One of the main reasons your organization should have a handbook is to provide workers with a full list of your rules and workplace expectations. The guides ensure your team members aren’t oblivious to safety measures or outfit requirements. You can use the handbooks to educate employees about what to do in emergencies.

Employees can use the manuals to answer questions

Your handbook can be used as a frequently asked questions (FAQs) guide for new hires, allowing them to find the information independently without needing to rely on your HR department. For example, the manuals can share your store’s sick day policies and rules for taking breaks. Employees who are curious about what they can wear on the job can find that information in your guides.

Your handbooks can showcase work benefits to employees

If your organization offers benefits and resources to workers, then the employee manual can be a great place for writing in-depth information about these topics. Use the handbook to pre-emptively answer questions about your company’s vacation and employee discount policies. You may also list on-site amenities that workers can use at your business.

Employee handbooks are effective at helping new hires learn and adjust to your organization’s policies. At Crisafulli Business Coaching, I can provide similar guidance to companies interested in growing their value. If you want a reliable business coach in Rhode Island, then get in touch with me today.

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