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Why companies should use workplace mentorships

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Businesses with mentorship programs pair their newly hired employees with experienced professionals who can help them transition into the workplace. There are several reasons why company owners should use mentorships as part of their onboarding process.

Mentors can provide your new hires with excellent training

Providing mentors to team members who are unfamiliar with your organization can be an effective way of introducing them to your operations and workplace culture. Seasoned employees can show new hires how to perform their duties through live examples and supportive coaching. Mentors may also advise their assigned employees on how to be more productive.

Mentorships improve employee experiences in your company

Unfamiliarity and inexperience may lead to a lack of confidence that impacts the effectiveness and well-being of your new staff members. Those with a mentor will have someone they trust to answer any questions about their positions. Employees who interact and learn from established professionals will improve their self-confidence and communication skills.

A mentorship program can help team members develop as professionals

Mentorships are just as beneficial for the mentor as the programs are for the trainees. Those who become mentors will get to hone their leadership skills when interacting with new hires. Mentors can also improve their communication and critical thinking skills when they advise other employees.

The in-house guides you provide to your team can benefit their professional development. Employers interested in help with their own development should turn to an expert business coach in Canada who can teach them how to improve their operations. At Crisafulli Business Coaching, I offer coaching services that can increase the value of your organization. Reach out to me today for a free consultation.

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