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Why are hard skills important?

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A person’s hard skills can be defined as industry-specific abilities that are required to successfully perform a certain role in an organization. There are three main reasons why an employer should know a person’s hard skills before hiring them for a position.

Hard skills represent a person’s ability to do a job

Applicants who possess hard skills that overlap with their job requirements will be more desirable than those who don’t currently have your required skill set. For example, a person with experience as a chef would be better suited for a cooking position than someone unfamiliar with working in a kitchen.

Hard skills are desirable assets an employee can possess

Sometimes hard skills that aren’t directly related to the position can still be utilized in ways that are beneficial to your organization. Those who are fluent in multiple languages can be valuable for communicating with customers who don’t speak your brand’s primary language. People with hard skills that overlap with other company roles may be cross trained in more positions.

You can help people learn additional hard skills over time

Hard skills are teachable concepts that your team can acquire through on-the-job training and workshops. You can avoid redundant training by knowing the specific hard skills your employees have already learned through past experiences.

People who possess strong hard skills can become valuable additions to your company. At Crisafulli Business Coaching, I offer executive coaching in Boston that can teach you similar abilities that help you grow as an asset to your organization. Contact me today to receive more information about my coaching services.

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