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What is a sales funnel?

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A sales funnel represents a person’s decision to purchase a product. The model gives business owners a roadmap for attracting customers and maintaining relationships with their audience. Sales funnels can also identify where you may be losing potential sales in the buying process.

The stages of a sales funnel

Your organization’s sales funnel should guide consumers toward making a purchase. This process is usually completed in four stages.

Stage 1: Awareness

Customers need to know your product exists before they can buy the item. It’s crucial to grow your brand visibility through marketing strategies, such as advertising on the radio or promoting your company on social media.

Stage 2: Interest

Why should customers care about your product? This stage of the sales funnel moves people closer to a sale by showing how your merchandise can address their pain points. Highlight the benefits of your products and position your brand as an industry expert.

Stage 3: Decision

Now that your audience is interested in your product, it’s time to sell them on why they should buy from your business. The third stage of the sales funnel relates to competitive pricing, company perks, and brand reputation.

Stage 4: Action

The sales funnel’s final stage occurs when your target customers decide to make a purchase. This is your chance to answer consumer concerns and alleviate their doubts about your products.

The sales funnel is one of many tools that brands can use to increase their value, but you may also find it beneficial to get help from an expert.

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