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What employers should avoid when training new hires

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The way you train your employees will have a major impact on their job performance, so it’s important to have an effective training program. Here are five common pitfalls you should avoid when training your new team members.

The training programs have no set goals

You should have clearly established goals and expectations for what your professionals will know after completing their training. Goal-focused training programs can ensure employees learn the skills employers want from their team members.

New hires don’t receive hands-on training

It’s important not to rely solely on lecture-based training for your staff. Online programs and verbal instructions should be used alongside hands-on experiences to help your workers get used to performing actions independently.

Employees are given too much information at once

Don’t quickly overwhelm your trainees with information. Instead, it’s more effective to split information into manageable chunks and allow employees to focus on specific topics during their training sessions.

No encouragement is given to trainees

Positive reinforcement can help your new hires build their confidence and know when they are meeting your expectations. Your encouragement can also establish stronger bonds between your organization and the employee.

Companies don’t ask for feedback from new hires

Ask your employees about their training experiences to identify if there are any improvements you should make to your current programs. Those who give feedback will feel more involved with your organization.

How your employees are trained can significantly impact your company’s productivity, morale and overall value. You can learn other value-building management strategies from Crisafulli Business Coaching. I’m a business coach in Rhode Island who you can contact today for a free consultation.

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