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The benefits of creating a brand voice

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A major part of establishing your organization’s persona is creating a voice for your brand that embodies the identity you want to portray to customers. Your business’ brand voice is made up of the wording and tone of your messages. There are three reasons your company should want to develop a clear voice.

A brand voice can increase your customer appeal

Consumers who feel connected to a company’s characteristics will feel more compelled to support and use that brand. People want businesses that align with their tastes and values, so you can create a brand voice that caters to your target demographic. For example, an overly professional tone would be inappropriate for a brand offering family-focused entertainment.

A distinctive voice showcases your organization’s culture

How your business expresses itself can give people first impressions of its culture and internal operations. Messages with a casual, playful tone can humanize a company and make it feel more empathetic to its consumers and employees. Your word choice and writing style will help readers form opinions about your brand’s approachability and professionalism.

Your brand voice improves your memorability

Companies without a clear brand voice will impact the public less than organizations that commit to a brand-appropriate tone. It’s important to inject personality into your communication. Otherwise, consumers will struggle to find something they can remember about your brand.

Your brand voice significantly influences your organization’s perceived value and relevance to consumers. If you want more advice on improving your brand, then you should work with Crisafulli Business Coaching. I’m a professional business coach in Massachusetts who helps company owners grow their brand’s value.

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