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How to write effective mission statements

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Mission statements give people immediate insight into the values, goals and purpose of an organization.

It’s important to write statements that accurately represent your business to ensure it attracts consumers and workers who share your brand’s ideals. Here are three tips for creating the perfect mission statement for your company.

Make it introduce your business to consumers

Excellent mission statements need to answer the immediate questions that customers have about unfamiliar brands. Tell consumers your industry, target audience, and the traits that differentiate your organization from competitors.

You should also highlight the values you want people to associate with your company, like being committed to quality or environmental sustainability.

Create statements that appeal to your audience

Mission statements should be treated as brief introductions to your brand that are easily accessible and readable to consumers and job applicants.

Avoid writing long-winded and unrealistic statements while focusing on points that your industry’s demographic wants to see from the companies they support.

Ensure the statement stays relevant to your brand

An effective mission statement embodies the workplace culture and core values of your business. It’s crucial to make statements that guide the growth of your organization, instead of focusing on points that aren’t main priorities. Think about your company’s long-term goals when drafting your mission statement.

Mission statements are integral to your company’s identity and can help you make important business decisions. You can also receive professional guidance from Jim Crisafulli, an accountability coach in Boston with 28 years of consulting experience. Contact Jim today for a free consultation.

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