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How to respond to upset customers as a business owner

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Businesses that are prepared to handle situations with angered or disappointed customers can reduce the impact these scenarios have on their reputation, and may even create a stronger bond with unsatisfied consumers. Here are three steps you can take to properly engage with upset shoppers or clients.

Address the issue right away

Ideally, you should address consumer complaints as soon as possible to prevent the upset party from feeling ignored or less important to your company. This may come in the form of an apology, but it’s important to address the issue quickly in some capacity. Emphasize with the customer’s issue and take accountability where appropriate. It’s crucial to treat the shopper with respect to avoid escalating the situation.

Offer a solution to the customer’s problem

An apology without a proposed solution will feel hollow and unhelpful to the dissatisfied consumer. Have an answer to the consumer’s complaint ready and take action to resolve their issue. This may come in the form of refunded items or extra reward points on their account.

Follow up with the customer

Companies that want to rebuild the damaged relationships they have with disappointed consumers must take time to check in with them again. Ask the customer if they feel satisfied with your solution. You can also send the person a feedback form to see where they currently stand with your organization.

Businesses that know how to appropriately handle dissatisfied consumers can strengthen their bonds with shoppers and maintain a positive reputation. If you want more advice on handling the challenges of operating a company, then contact Crisafulli Business Coaching today. I’m a professional business coach in Connecticut who knows how to grow the value of your business.

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