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How are mission and vision statements different?

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The official statements companies create to describe their brands can give consumers, job applicants, and current employees insight into their core characteristics.

Many businesses write mission and vision statements to differentiate themselves from other organizations and build solid foundations for their operational decisions. However, there are several key differences between the two types of statements.

Mission and vision statements have different functions

A mission statement gives people a brief introduction to the purpose and values of an organization, while a vision statement shares a company’s future goals.

Consumers can read mission statements to learn about a brand’s industry and key selling points. Vision statements unify company workers under a common goal, and help customers understand the motivations behind a business.

The statements are intended for different timeframes

Organizations use different timeframes when crafting their mission and vision statements.

A mission statement is related to what a company is doing in the present day, and a vision statement describes the long-term goals that the company is working toward.

Businesses may modify their vision statements as they reach their goals, while mission statements are written as permanent guidelines for a brand.

Mission and vision statements are made for different audiences

Mission statements help external audiences become more familiar with an organization, while vision statements direct the focus of a company’s internal audience.

Companies that create strong mission and vision statements can use them to guide their brands toward world-class status. If you want more value-building advice from a professional strategic planner in Canada, then contact Jim Crisafulli today.

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