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A guide to employment brand ambassadors

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Today’s consumers have become quite media savvy, which means that many companies have found new and novel ways to promote their brand.

One tool that may be especially helpful is an employment brand ambassador program, and setting one up often comes with a high ROI (return on investment).

What is an employee brand ambassador?

Simply put, an employee brand ambassador is a staff member who promotes the company both online and in the real world.

Their goal is to encourage engagement, brand awareness and loyalty, which can be helpful in driving sales and increasing a business’s customer base.

Many successful, multinational corporations such as Reebok, Salesforce, and Merck have found a lot of success in doing so, and this can also be true for businesses of any size, large or small.

Why should a company set up a brand ambassador program?

Brand ambassadors use word of mouth and methods for creating engagement, relaying their positive experiences and enthusiasm.

They connect with potential customers and clients on an authentic and personal level, and as there are several ways to do so, businesses will be able to find a method that best fits their needs, budget, personnel skill sets, and overall corporate culture.

Social media use can lead to success

Social media has become hugely prevalent, offering companies a valuable way to connect with customers. There are many different platforms to choose from, and it can be a smart move to do some research first to find the one, or ones, that are best suited to a particular company.

Sites such as LinkedIn, which are already geared towards corporate branding, often offer tools that can be helpful in determining reader engagement. These can be used to determine if an employee brand ambassador program is working, or whether it could use a few tweaks.

They provide information about the number of impressions a post receives, as well as its reach and overall engagement, and can even be used to schedule posting for when they tend to get the most views.

Getting started

The first step is to define what the overall goal of the program is, and also determine which metrics will be used to measure its success.

Is a business trying to market a new product or service, expand its customer base, or reach out to its current clients? The answers will help to shape what the employment brand ambassador initiative will look like, as there is no “one size fits all” approach.

Conduct background research

It can really pay off to do some research first.

See what social media postings and other engagement tends to garner the most attention for companies in a variety of sectors. Finding out what works and what doesn’t early on can really give a business that extra boost of visibility.

Engage employees

Now that there is a framework in place for the program, it’s time to add the people power.

Offering perks or other rewards such as skill development for this engagement may be helpful, and those involved may appreciate being asked what rewards they would most like to receive for taking on the task.

Provide ambassador training

Before asking employees to become brand ambassadors, it’s important to provide appropriate training. One way for them to create engagement can be through sharing stories of positive experiences with the company, and the enthusiasm of the individual creating the post will shine through.

It’s always best to be honest and authentic. As tempting as it may be, don’t just cut and paste pieces prepared ahead of time by a marketing department. The public has become wise to these methods, and will easily spot thinly disguised promotional pieces. Posts must be real, and it can be a smart move to craft them in a way that encourages the reader to feel engaged, and as though the writer is speaking directly to them.

Monitor and measure

It’s important to continue to monitor a program to ensure it is meeting its goals, and course correct if necessary.

Continue to utilize the metrics that were set up in the beginning, as well as the tools provided by social media platforms to measure engagement. As stated above, most channels come with a suite of tools for this.

The value of expert help

As a business owner and consultant with decades of experience in fields such as creating brand ambassadors, Jim Crisafulli of Crisafulli Business Coaching takes pride in helping his clients find success. Get in touch with him today, and he will be happy to discuss how he can help your small business find its own individual path to success.

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