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Small business owners are often on the lookout for anything that can help them keep on track, and that’s just what an accountability coach in Rhode Island can do. With his many years of personal experience as both an owner and consultant, Jim Crisafulli has a large skill set to draw upon for the benefit of his Rhode Island clients, and he takes a lot of pride in doing so.

Jim Crisafulli

What is an accountability coach?

In his role as an accountability coach, Jim serves as a secret weapon for his clients. He ensures that a company maintains its focus and has the right motivation and tools for long term success. This includes creating a framework for accountability with a company, which may go a long way in boosting overall productivity.

When preparing the accountability structure, Jim considers a variety of factors such as the business’s vision and strategic plan. He will also draw on his own best practices, as with his experience, he knows what works, and just as importantly, what doesn’t.

One of the perks of using a professional accountability coach is that this can go a long way towards creating a good work-life balance for owners, management and employees alike. They will know what their responsibilities are, and this can be helpful in ensuring they are both focused and motivated. Improving time management skills will be emphasized, and as Jim has decades of experience in business counselling, training and strategic plan development, he has the tools needed to help his clients reach their goals. He can also provide training in techniques for gathering feedback and tracking success.

One of the accountability tools that may be especially helpful is regular coach check-ins. Jim will make sure that his clients are on track with their plans and hold them accountable. He will ensure they are meeting the goals they have set, and as it is a results-oriented approach, he will help them develop tools such as an action plan and methods for prioritizing tasks.

Find an accountability coach in Rhode Island

Rhode Island companies that can use a helping hand when it comes to the road ahead are encouraged to put Jim Crisafulli in their corner today. Whether your company is well established or just getting started, he will be pleased to put his expertise to work for you.

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