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There are numerous methods that can help businesspeople like you achieve success. Some recent ideas include personal coaches and business coaches, and now, accountability coaches. What does an accountability coach in Canada do, and is such a person right for you?

Why accountability matters

Accountability enables the members of your company or community to track their progress, and shows them where they are having difficulties. People work together a lot better when everyone takes accountability. Those who want to succeed should consider an accountability coach because it is easier to succeed when you are held accountable than trying to reach a goal alone.

Defining the terms “accountability coaching” will help you understand why the method works. “Accountability” means that you answer to somebody else for what you do. The coach is greatly invested in your success, but not as much in your organization. That is, they want to help you succeed but do not have the emotional involvement in your company—after all, it is your company—that you do. That gives them an impartiality you may lack.

In his book “Excellence in Coaching: The Industry Guide,” Jonathan Passmore defines “coaching” as a type of development where an experienced individual, the coach, helps a client achieve a specific goal by providing guidance and training. More simply, the coach helps his or her client by offering suggestions and support to help them improve their business or personal life.

To sum up, an accountability coach will help you set goals that are specific, achievable, and clear; follow up with you and help track your progress; remind you to celebrate when you succeed; help you overcome difficulties; and provide strategies to help you improve.

The first point listed above bears repeating: goals must be specific, clear, and achievable. Saying you want to grow your business is not a goal; saying “I want to land six new clients in the next three months” is. It is crystal clear, sets a time frame, and is achievable—provided you have a track record of bringing in new business every two weeks or so. If you have only been getting one client every two months, you should readjust your goal. Setting unrealistic goals will lead to disappointment and perhaps even giving up entirely. Your coach will help you aim at targets you can hit.

Why accountability coaching succeeds

The reason for success is simple—nobody wants to fail in front of someone else. Conversely, people enjoy being able to show others that they are successful. When placed in the context of a coaching relationship, the client works hard because they are answerable to the coach and want to please them.

The method builds upon conditioning, something people have internalized since childhood. Teachers hold students accountable for tests and homework, parents hold children accountable for their behavior, and bosses hold employees accountable for their work performance.

However, when you decide to start your own business, you are accountable to no one, and may find yourself procrastinating or letting important projects go entirely. This is your coach can make the world of difference.

With an accountability coach on your side, you’ll have someone to check on you, discuss your routine, and bring you back to the days when your conditioning made you accountable to others.

Your coach provides dedicated support

Your coach will be there to keep you focused and your projects on track. When you have someone to remind you of your obligations, it is easier to finish the work you need to do, and avoid being distracted.

The benefits of working with an accountability coach

Hiring an accountability coach is an investment in your future. He or she will, over time, help you improve your work ethic and create momentum that will help you build your organization. You can also expect to see sizeable growth, increased productivity, better personal performance, improved mental health, and an end to procrastination.

About Jim Crisafulli

When you are ready to hire an accountability coach, Jim Crisafulli should be your first choice. Jim has been a business owner for over 44 years, and has spent over 28 of those years as a business consultant and coach. He is focused on helping businesses grow into organizations that have world-wide status.

If you have between 15 and 100 employees and have annual turnover from $8 million to $30 million, bringing Jim Crisafulli aboard will be one of your best decisions. Get in touch with him today to help your business reach its full potential.

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